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Web Marketing

We define e-marketing all the things your business does on line to find, attract, win and keep customers.You do net or web marketing is a general term for a wide array of activities advertising, customer communications, branding and all conducted over the Internet.

Net marketing focuses more on communicating on line, using a customer-directed dialogue with your company to find new prospects, increasing loyalty and making it easier for your customers to do business with you. We are capable of handling all aspects like end-to-end security, distributed transaction processing, XML-based interoperability, and integration with online payment, order processing, content management, and customer relationship management systems.

Web Applications (Custom e-Commerce Shopping Cart Solutions)

Simply put web applications are applications delivered to users from a web server over a network such as the World Wide Web or an intranet. Since the web browser is now a prevalent piece of software on most users desktops it is an ideal medium for delivery of the content.

The major advantages are that the web application software does not have to be distributed to many users and installed on their machines. Changes and updates can happen centrally at the server and user experience improved performance without the need for a new version of software. Though many variations are possible, a web application one simple option is a 3-tiered application.

Web browser is the first tier, This contains all the user inputs and UI an engine using some dynamic web content technology (e.g., Active Server Pages) is the middle tier, Often the business logic will be here, and a database is the third tier.

We follow a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize project risks and development time. We focus on business solutions that fulfill business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions. All our applications are built on the basis of this philosophy.

A business of any size can benefit from an online shopping cart. However, for your business to be successful it must attract new customers, deliver a satisfying shopping experience, and provide you with the tools to manage it effectively.

Our focus is to provide you with an easy to use and feature-rich solution that allows you to personalize your product offerings, improve your marketing effectiveness, and offer the value-added services that lead to more satisfied and loyal customers.

Enhanced features:

1)Development of a unique and effective graphical theme and site layout specifically for you to showcase your company and offerings.

2) Enhanced user experience- supplying a compelling and satisfying shopping experience for your customers.

3) Robust administrative section with a centralized "dashboard" that allows complete, knowledge empowered management with immediate access to real-time data and reports.

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